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Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates.

I been busy with my other projects. I will be updating my site more regularly over the coming weeks so keep a look out! I will be hoping to cover the valuation of more Singapore companies (if you have any requests do let me know) that I find attractive.

I plan to do fundamental analysis on Challenger Technologies next.

Interestingly, something that has struck my attention is the valuation of quality companies in the US. By quality, I am talking about the great brands like Johnson & Johnson, Intel, Microsoft etc. They are selling at extremely attractive valuations. I will be covering more on this in my subsequent posts.

I will also be posting a “guide” on how to open an account with optionsXpress and with my experiences with it so far (its been a positive experience up till now).

Finally, I have been working on a new website dedicated to Warren Buffett. I also posted a fundamental analysis report of his recent acquisition of Lubrizol Corporation.

Do check it out at  http://www.buffett-investing.com/warren-buffett-lubrizol.html


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