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UntitledDividend Champions (Click For The Google Spreadsheet)

I am working on a exciting new database of dividend champions

A company’s dividend track record is one of the most critical tools in assessing whether a company has a real sustainable business model. We are looking for companies with sustained and persist track records in paying dividends.

The following are the 153 companies which have met the stringent criteria of having a track record of 5 years of dividend payouts.  It’s a great starting point for all investors.

I have excluded financial companies, China companies listed in Singapore, and REITs and business trusts.

Access it here on The Asia Report.

Dividend Champions

I am very excited about this project. Let me know what you guys think!


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With the liquidation of the US portfolio almost complete, I thought I look back and summarize the results of the past 2 ¾ years. While this site will still remain up, I will be refocusing my efforts on building up The Asia Report.

Please check it out here.

performance table


Since inception in 2011, we have achieved an annualized return of 27.23% and a cumulative return of 93.93%. This compares favorably with the iShares S & P 500 Total Return Index, which achieved an annualized return of 21.54% and a cumulative return of 70.99% over the same time period.

To put that into perspective, an initial investment of $10,000 would have yielded $19,393 by the end of June 2014. A similar investment in the S & P TR index would have yielded $17,099.

The results have been more than satisfactory. However, the advances in market prices have resulted in a dearth of investment opportunities in the US market.

Conversely, the emerging markets look far more attractive. We have liquidated the US equity portfolio not with a view to move into cash, but rather to reinvest where it makes sense for us to do so.

We have on our radar companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Bursa Malaysia. The recent decline in prices has created interesting opportunities with favorable investment characteristics.

To end off, it’s been a pleasure writing to everyone. As the partnership shifts to the emerging markets and deals with investments in illiquid stocks, I will no longer be able to provide readers with portfolio updates.

However, I will be highlighting some individual investments, and providing some case studies in the future.

I look forward to seeing you at my new site, The Asia Report.

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Accurate as of 30 June 2014

Initial Net Asset Value: $10.00

Net Asset Value as of  30 June 2014 $18.83


Hypothetical Growth of $10,000 invested since September 2011 (NAV at September 2011 was $9.71)

* Due to an error in the calculation of the NAV of the iShares S & P 500 TR Index, the figures have been revised to reflect the correct NAV in the corresponding time.

* A total return index is an index that measures the performance of a group of components by assuming that all cash distributions (dividends) are reinvested, in addition to tracking the components’ price movements

* I have changed the benchmark to the iShares S & P 500 TR Index to reflect the fees of a index fund. NAV is calculated net transaction costs and tax.

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