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My name is Jun Hao. I started the blog back in 2010 when I first started my investing journey. The following are some highlights from the past five years:

1. Starting my professional investing career in mid-2011… just as the Eurozone Crisis hit its peak and the US had its credit rating downgraded from AAA to AA.

2. Growing the assets under my supervision from less than $10,000 to over $3.95 million. The US portion of the portfolio of which I had exclusive oversight of achieved an absolute return of over 90% from inception in September 2011 to June 2014.

3. Having my article picked up and published by NextInsight, one of Singapore’s leading financial websites.

4. Winning the Orbis Stock Picking Challenge 2013. The competition was organized by Orbis Investment Management, one of the world’s largest funds with over $40 billion assets under management.

I was the top performer out of participants from Oxford, Cambridge, the London School of Economics (LSE), University College London (UCL) and the London Business School (LBS).

From November 2012 – 2013, my portfolio returned 55.7%, compared to the benchmark, the FTSE World Index With Income, which returned 27.9%.

That’s an out-performance of 21.7%.

5. Starting up the first student led fund in University College London (UCL) with a startup capital of £10,000 earmarked for the project.

The fund, named EFS Bloomsbury Capital, had a successful launch with over one hundred applications and thirty-five active members. I had the pleasure of leading the discussion of our weekly meetings, and to learn from our members.

It was a truly international crowd, with the team compromising of people from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Ukraine, South Korea, Thailand, Belgium and Germany.

6. First series of public workshops in front of a crowd of over one hundred people where I walked them through the principles of value investing, and the different aspects of investing in stocks. It was great fun.

By a quirk of fate, I picked up Warren Buffett’s biography on my flight home from my medical interview in London (of which I got a place… and even was enrolled for a year in). But I was hooked from that very moment on, and switched courses to law the year after. It was a great complement to my work in investing.

I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences over the last few years, and still enjoy investing as much as I did on day 1. To quote Peter Cundhill, “there’s always something to do”… and there’s nothing quite like investing that has managed to keep my interest for this long.

With the bull market in full force in the United States, I decided to wind down the US portion of my equity holdings to focus my attention on the South East Asian Economies – Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.

You can contact me through this page. My Linkedin profile is also available here.

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, notice that you will be blogging on two of the questions that I am very interested in:

    1. Valuation of quality companies in the US.

    It seems to me that there are a few US companies that are trading at a extremely attractive valuations like:

    JNJ – Vested.

    ABT – Interested in.

    Looking to add to my position for WFC, but I think that the price is on the high side for a US bank.

    Hope you can do analysis on the above companies.

    2. Hope to know more about your experience on using the US brokerage optionsXpress to invest in US companies.

    A few questions that I would like to ask are:

    1. The CHEAPEST way to transfer funds to the account or cost-effective way to transfer funds. Hate the local banks’ Forex costs that I need to pay!!!

    2. The 30% withholding taxes on dividends is a HUGE PAIN on my ASS !!!

    Using optionsXpress can you reinvest all your dividends in the company so that I will not be taxed!!!

    Please see the below link for some of the questions that I hope you can help to answer.


    Thanks and Live Long and Prosper :)

  2. Hi there.

    Well written site on value investing.

    I see you do not really have advertising on your blog but thought I would contact you anyway.

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    Tim du Toit

  3. Hi, I read some of your analysis & I found them refreshing from ‘normal’ analyst reports & are very much in line with Ben Graham’s school of thought. I too am someone interested in the universe of US & SG equity holdings. I was wondering if you had an email contact that I could reach you by?

  4. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



  5. Hi, I came across your website and saw from your posts that you do US trading.

    I would like to inform you that there is a market research project on US online trading.

    If you would like to participate, the incentive for respondents is $150.

    It is a 2hr focus group, taking place at our office at Tanjong Pagar on 8 Oct 2012.

    We are looking for respondents (aged between 31-60 yrs old) who are active US traders and are users of online platforms such as thinkorswim, optionexpress, td ameritrade, charles schwab etc

    If you’re interested, please email me at: market_research88@yahoo.com and we can proceed from there.

    Thank you.

  6. Jun Hao,

    Do you believe in market cycle investing, where you invest in Fundamentally sound companies during or just after the crisis. In this way, you can benefit most from the upside, and minimise risk of the downside.

    When it nears the peak, you take money, and prepare for the next cycle.
    Where is the peak?
    Well, you have to look at the investment clock and understand it.


    What is this market research about and which company is this by?
    Does Options Trading considered?

  7. I enjoyed your article on the “Fundamental Difference Between Benj… …Part1″ on the GuruFocus web site. It would be helpful if you would apply that methodolgy to an actual company , say Apple, so we could learn your process.
    Thank you,

  8. Hi Jun Hao,

    I am a value investor just like you and I realized we have very many similarities. I studied in London as well as an undergrad, am probably similar to your age and from your research articles, realized our investing approach is not too different. Give me a shout out at sef.chin@gmail.com as I am trying to connect to value investors within Singapore!


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