Tay Fund Portfolio NAV Update Dec 2012


Accurate as of 22 December 2012

Initial Net Asset Value: $10.00

Net Asset Value as of  22 December 2012: $11.43

Hypothetical Growth of $10,000 invested since September 2011 (NAV at September 2011 was $9.71)


* A total return index is an index that measures the performance of a group of components by assuming that all cash distributions (dividends) are reinvested, in addition to tracking the components’ price movements

* I have changed the benchmark to the iShares S & P 500 TR Index to reflect the fees of a index fund. NAV is calculated net transaction costs and tax.

* Portfolio Net Asset Value will be updated quarterly at the end of the third week of each month.

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One thought on “Tay Fund Portfolio NAV Update Dec 2012

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